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OMG 😱 Superstorm blows Paradise away !

Storms and heavy rains massively hit the south eastern part of the island this day! Homes are submerged and violent winds tear out trees.

The emergency services registers 134 incidents throughout the day. Public television broadcast images of a woman swimming out of her car and battling currents after torrential floods inundated a bridge in the small town of Santanyi. Within an hour, more than 96 litres of rain per square metre were dumped on Santanyi. Wind rafales reach up to 300 km per hour. All of it just last 35 minutes. But it is enough to leave a lot of chaos behind!

The little paradise Finca Flor de s'almonia is buried under its 60-90 years old trees. We are all schocked! And immediately book our flights to get there on friday.

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