The irresistible Trap of Cala Torta.

It certainly is one of the farthest places away from the finca. And one of the most beautiful too! Cala Torta, a beautiful sandy beach north of Artá.

Sommer or winter, Cala Torta is always worth a visit. In Sommer, it is a perfect place for stand up paddling and snorkling. In winter the place can be beautifully raw and wild.

At any time of the year it is a perfect place for... shelling! Extreme shelling! Everywhere on the beach you'll find millions of "opercula" or "seals". These circular little pieces of shells are produced by see snails and used as a "door". They originate from a huge colony of sea snails inhabiting the waters betweens the north coast of Mallorca and the south coast of Menorca.

Like sirens, they have an irresistible power of attraction. If you look down, you're doomed! You'll enter into an hypnotic, meditative state. You'll find yourself crawling in the fine sands for hours, collecting as many as you can. You won't feel alone: it affects everyone aged 9-99.

And don't be surprised: 1500+ pieces in 3 hours is a very normal catch.

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