September 21, 2019

Good news today, brought by Juan! The chimney and the roof tiles are fixed. And the enclosure too! 👍

September 1, 2019

Everything is almost back to normal: the garden is clean, new palms and plants planted, the pool clean.

The roof, the chimney, the terraces and the enclosure still need to be fixed. Juan & Lorenzo are on it.

We can leave s'Almonia, relieved.

September 1, 2019

We all worked and worked and worked during two days. And then the neighbours came by and picked us up to participate to the yearly Fiesta de s'Almonia! One giant paella prepared with love for 200 personnes! with cava, wine and a band! What a nice break for all after such terrible days.

August 30, 2019

Bianca and I arrive at 2 PM on location. Our local angel Lorenzo already organized an elite troup of gardeners.

All six, armed with shiny new chainsaws, cut their way to the house before our arrival.

They are now in the garden working at the speed of light. And just within 48 hours, all fallen pine trees are being evacuated. Wow!

August 28, 2019

Storms and heavy rains massively hit the south eastern part of the island this day! Homes are submerged and violent winds tear out trees.

The emergency services registers 134 incidents throughout the day. Public television broadcast images of a woman swimming out of her car and battling currents after torrential floods inundated a bridge in the small town of Santanyi. Within an hour, more than 96 l...

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                         Much has been
                    happening since 2015 as we fell in love with S'Almonia. Here you'll find some personal highlights of how we created and are enjoying life at Flor de S'Almonia.